Resident Recreation Pass

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Resident Recreation Pass Sticker

Available May 1st 2024

Obtaining A Sticker

All applicants for any sticker must present the following documentations:

  1. Eligible applicants can purchase a sticker in person, online, or by mail.
    1. In person at the:
      • Jamestown Recreation Center, M-F 8AM-4:30PM
      • Fort Getty Gatehouse, Sun-Sat 7AM-7PM
    2. Online at:
    3. By Mail
      1. Download and Complete Resident Recreation Pass Application
      2.  Return completed application with check payment by mail to: Jamestown Parks & Recreation, 93 Narragansett Ave. PO Box 377, Jamestown, RI 02835. Checks must be made out to "Town Of Jamestown".
  2. Be prepared to provide proof of eligibility and vehicle registrations. 
  3. Please Note: The Burden Of Proof Of Residency Falls On The Applicant.
  4. Stickers are non-transferable. They may only be used for the vehicles to which they are assigned.

Eligibility For Resident Beach Stickers

  1. Property owner of record in the Town of Jamestown, including properties held in trust, LLC, or other legal entity.
  2. Year round renters (12 month) of a Jamestown property, or 10 month with valid military ID.
  3. The spouse, domestic partner, or dependent of a listed property owner with the same year round address on a Driver’s license, picture ID, or Student ID.

Documentation Requirements

  1. Proof of eligibility:
    1. Property owners: Tax record/bill. If property is held in trust, LLC, or other legal entity, documentation linking yourself to the entity holding the property.
    2. Renters: A copy of a year-round (12 month) lease or 10 month lease with a valid military ID, or a letter from your landlord stating 12 / 10 month residency is required.
    3. Spouses, domestic partners, or dependents not listed on the property record: Driver’s license, picture ID, or Student ID with the Jamestown address.
    4. If necessary, voter registration may be used to help verify residency.
  2. Vehicle Registrations: Current and valid registrations for all vehicles you are requesting a pass for. Vehicles must be owned or leased by one of the groups above. If vehicle is owned by a trust, LLC, or other legal entity, documentation linking yourself to the entity holding the vehicle.

Replacement Stickers

Replacement stickers will be issued upon reasonable proof of loss or theft of a sticker, or if the vehicle is traded or sold and plates transferred to a new vehicle. Only one replacement per sticker is permitted in a season. There will be a $5.00 charge for a replacement sticker unless original sticker is traded in for the replacement.  If a sticker has faded or failed in any way, they may be exchanged for a replacement as well.

Misuse of Stickers

At all times, the sticker remains the property of the Town of Jamestown. The person to whom the sticker has been issued (pass holder) has purchased a use privilege, not the sticker and agrees that the sticker may be revoked by removal or other means if it is misused. The pass holder also agrees that the Town of Jamestown will make the final judgment as to whether a sticker has been misused.

Penalties and Revocation of Stickers

  1. A Parking Control Officer, Police Officer, Parks & Recreation Department Director, or their duly authorized agent(s) may remove stickers for misuse.
  2. Persons whose stickers have been removed have seven days to appeal to the Parks & Recreation Director.