Criminal Background Checks

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The Jamestown Police Department is authorized by Rhode Island General Laws to conduct the criminal background checks listed in the chart below for Jamestown residents. If the reason you are seeking a criminal background check is not listed below you must obtain your background check from the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General, Bureau of Criminal Identification, located at 150 South Main Street, Providence, RI 02903.

Reason for Background Check

** JAMESTOWN School Volunteers are required to apply for a background check through the School. Jamestown Police will only process Jamestown School volunteer background checks received directly from the school. If you require a background check to volunteer for a different school system you may make that request in person at the Jamestown Police Department.

In order to obtain a criminal background check you must provide the following to the Jamestown Police:

  • Completed Application (Must be obtained in person at the police station)
  • Conditional Offer of Employment (from your potential employer or agency you will be volunteering for) OR documentation showing proof of application for adoption, foster care or medical marijuana caregiver permit
  • Fee (if applicable, see chart)
  •  Criminal Records Release Waiver (Only if noted in the chart above)

The results of certain criminal background checks remain valid for a length of time specified by RI General Law (see chart). If, during that timeframe, you wish to have the results of your background check forwarded to another employer you must submit a conditional offer of employment from that employer. No additional fee is necessary.

The results of the criminal background check will be sent directly to the employer/requesting agency. If you provide an email address, a copy will be emailed to you for your records. Most background checks will only notify the requesting agency/employer if a criminal record exists that contains “disqualifying information” as defined by Rhode Island General Laws. In those cases, if a criminal record exists the specific contents of that record are not revealed.

Certain background checks require the entire contents of an existing criminal record be released to the requesting agency/employer. For those checks, you will be required to complete a Criminal Records Release Waiver along with this Background Check application.