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Waypoint:   “Waypoints typically mark either points along a planned route, or locations of interest”
                                                                                                         - The American Practical Navigator/Bowditch


                                              Harbormaster Waypoint 3 (and final) /2018

Fellow Boaters:  Despite some record breaking hot and humid days, from my perspective, it was a great summer! It seemed to me that there were more “boating days” this season than in the previous two. Additionally, we were spared the dangers and inconveniences of any tropical storm activity – we were truly blessed/lucky! Overall, a great 2018 season.

As the 2018 boating season rapidly closes, Kim and I have been identifying moorings that are being relinquished and are working the wait lists to allocate open spots to people for the 2019 season. That will be an ongoing process during the next couple of months. I wish we could clear the wait lists faster, but we are limited by available space, especially in East Ferry.  It is very important that we have good contact information in the Online Mooring System – current phone number(s) and email addresses are essential should you get that long awaited call. If you haven’t verified that info in your account, please do so.

The pump-out stations at East and West Ferry will be winterized and secured on Wednesday, November 7,, 2018. Please take care of those needs prior to then.

For those using the West Ferry dinghy dock, the floating docks will be removed for the winter right after the pump out stations are secured, so please remove your boats accordingly.

As of October 18th, I estimate that about 80% of vessels have been hauled out and are in the process of being put to bed for the winter. Both Harbormaster boats are out and being winterized, so I no longer have any on-the-water capability.

Here are some important reminders to consider as you look ahead to 2019:

  1. Boat size changes: before you go out and buy a bigger boat, please do not assume that it will automatically fit on your current mooring, even if the tackle is sufficient and/or you had a larger boat on the mooring in the past. The vessels around you may have gotten bigger over the years, and now there is just not enough space on your mooring to support a larger vessel. Also, please remember that boat size changes and relocations require an application – the form is available online - and I’m sorry to report that there is a waiting list on both.


  2. Contact Information:As mentioned above, while renewing your applications and Online Mooring System data, please be sure to check and update your contact information:home and cell phone numbers, email, and addresses. It’s important that we have current and accurate contact info.


  3. Important Dates:
    1. May 15, 2019: Renewals are due.
    2. June 15, 2019: End of grace period for renewals.
    3. July 1, 2019: ALL moorings must be in commission, properly labeled and have the current permit sticker applied.


After October 31st, if you have any questions or need to contact me, your best bet is to call our Harbor Clerk, Kim Devlin, who has a wealth of knowledge in all things harbor related. She also knows how to contact me if necessary. Her number is 401-423-7190. I’ll be back in May 2019, until then……

Stay warm – see you next season!


Mark J. Campbell