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Waypoint:   “Waypoints typically mark either points along a planned route, or locations of interest”
                                                                                                         - The American Practical Navigator/Bowditch


                                                   Harbormaster Waypoint 4 (& Final) 2017

Fellow Boaters:

Even though some of the hardcore sailors and fisherman remain in the water for a few more weeks, the 2017 season for most – and me in particular – has come to an end.  October 31st is the official end of the Harbormaster season. Both boats are “on the hard” and shrink wrapped; all gear, lines and accessories have been stowed and put to bed for the winter. My second season as your Harbormaster has come to an end, and it was a busy and rewarding one.

In addition to day-to-day patrols and responding to the needs of the waterfront, the Harbor Department supported the annual Air show, Fourth of July Fireworks, the Save the Bay swim, and Fool’s Rules Regatta. All of which will be back again next year.

In 2017, we introduced a new permit sticker that Kim is able to produce right from her desk, saving a lot of time and money. We had some concerns initially whether they would stand up to the marine environment, but by all accounts, they worked well. A side benefit is that even if they do fail, a replacement is only a few mouse clicks away.  If you have any feedback on the new stickers, good or bad, I’d like to hear it.

Also introduced in 2017 was the Coast Guard Auxiliary courtesy vessel safety check. Although only a handful of boaters took advantage of this free service, we will try again next season, perhaps a little later when more vessels are in the water.

We continue to identify unused moorings and encourage current permit holders to give up moorings that they have no intention of using. The wait lists continue to be very long, so every mooring relinquished benefits another boater. With your cooperation, this year we were able to issue over a dozen new permits/moorings.

Looking ahead to 2018, here are some items to consider:

  1. Boat size changes: before you go out and buy a bigger boat, please do not assume that it will automatically fit on your current mooring, even if the tackle is sufficient and/or you had a larger boat on the mooring in the past. The vessels around you may have gotten bigger over the years, and now there is just not enough space on your mooring to support a larger vessel. Also, please remember that boat size changes and relocations require an application – the form is available online - and I’m sorry to report that there is a waiting list on both.
  2. Contact Information:While renewing your applications and Online Mooring System data, please be sure to check and update your contact information:home and cell phone numbers, email, and addresses. We are thinking of employing a type of “Reverse 911” system, just for the boating community, so we can “push” useful information out to you, as needed. It’s important that we have current and accurate contact info.
  3. Important Dates:
    1. May 15, 2018: Renewals are due.
    2. June 15, 2018: End of grace period for renewals.
    3. July 1, 2018: ALL moorings must be in commission, properly labeled and have the current permit sticker applied.

Finally, on a personal note, I am happy to report that after 17 months (540 days, but who’s counting!) my wife and I are finally back in our house on the island, and I’d like to thank all the well wishers who would ask me daily “are you back in your house yet?” It’s great to have a home again!

I look forward to returning for an even better 2018 season.

Stay warm!

Mark Campbell