Message from the Harbormaster



Waypoint:   “Waypoints typically mark either points along a planned route, or locations of interest”
                                                                                                         - The American Practical Navigator/Bowditch


                                                                   2017 Harbormaster Waypoint 1

Fellow Boaters:
I’m back! My 2017 season started on Monday April 17, and will run through Columbus Day. I am
working with Kim to sort through all the relocation requests, boat size changes, and new permits.
We will do our best to accommodate as many as possible. In the meantime, I am also getting both
boats ready for launching in the next week or so, depending upon the weather.
Speaking of weather, Easter weekend was unbelievable with sunny skies and temps into the 80’s. I
hope that bodes well for some nice summer weather ahead. I know that it was a sneak peek at what
lies  ahead and probably motivated many boaters to get going on bottom painting, repairs, and
preparations. Please be mindful that this is an extremely busy time of the year for all of us
around the waterfront, and both Kim and I will try to be responsive to your needs/requests…..but
please be patient.
Over the winter several boaters decided to relinquish their moorings and we are using the vacated
spots to honor relocation requests and assign new permits to people who have been on the wait lists
for many years. Consequently, some of the people relinquishing their moorings have expressed an
interest in selling the tackle. At their request, we have developed a list of people looking to
sell their used gear, if anyone is interested. Kim or I will provide the contact info, and then you
can proceed from there.

Looking ahead, here are some Important Dates:

a.   May 15, 2017: Renewals are due.
b.   June 15, 2017: End of grace period for renewals.
c.    July 1, 2017: ALL moorings must be in commission, properly labeled and have the current permit sticker applied.

Smooth sailing - See you on the water!
Mark Campbell