Message from the Harbormaster

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Waypoint:   “Waypoints typically mark either points along a planned route, or locations of interest”
                                                                                                         - The American Practical Navigator/Bowditch


                                                          Harbormaster Waypoint 3 / 2019

Fellow Boaters:  Although Labor Day is behind us, and school is back in session, we still have a good month of boating ahead of us, assuming Mother Nature cooperates. There’s still time for people who haven’t gotten their required 20 days on the mooring to prevent forfeiture….so if you are one of those,  please do so! Along that vein, we sent dozens of letters to permit holders who have not been using their moorings. We are not seeking to take moorings away, rather we’d like people who have no intention of using the mooring to voluntarily give it up so we can offer it to someone on the wait list.

Hurricane Preparedness

Luckily, hurricane Dorian passed us by well to the east during the first week of September, and with the exception of two overturned dinghies and two boats taking on water, Jamestown boaters escaped unscathed.  It is that time of year however, and if you haven’t thought about a hurricane plan, particularly with respect to your boat, don’t wait any longer. Early action is always more effective than last minute acts of desperation.

New Mooring Service Provider

Some of you who have used Shoreline Diving as your mooring service provider have received a letter from Richard Marquardt notifying you that he has sold the North Kingstown and Jamestown part of his business to Pleasant Street Wharf out of North Kingstown.  I expect that the Pleasant Street Wharf group will be added to our approved provider list after the next Harbor Commission meeting to be held on September 11th.  It is totally up to you to decide whether you want to use Pleasant Street Wharf or one of the many other approved mooring service providers listed on our website.

Mooring Offers are Coming!

In the weeks ahead, Kim and I will be working on the wait lists, and will be calling people to offer available mooring slots. It is very important that we have good contact information in the Online Mooring System – current phone number(s), boat type and size, and email addresses are essential should you get that long awaited call. If you haven’t verified that info in your account, please do so.

See you on the water – sail safe!


Mark J. Campbell