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Waypoint:   “Waypoints typically mark either points along a planned route, or locations of interest

   - The American Practical Navigator/Bowditch


                Harbormaster Waypoint 2/2020

Fellow Boaters:  As I write this, it occurs to me that I should be on the boat in East Ferry providing security for the “Fools’ Rules Regatta” today, which as we all know has been canceled due to the ongoing pandemic situation. This has been a summer of adjustment, often on the fly, as the rules/regulations/situation changes frequently.

One thing is certain, after a slow start in April and May, boaters are out in full force everywhere! The hot summer weather, an increase in demand for boats/watercraft, and the desire for people to get outside after months of COVID isolation have contributed to a significant increase in waterborne activity. This is cause for increased vigilance on the water and a double check of all operating and safety equipment. There are many first timers out there, so safety is key.

TROPICAL STORM ISAIAS: We have had our first brush with heavy weather this week, and fortunately the storm passed well to our west, which only gave us some gusty winds. Isaias was a very fast mover, and consequently we suffered little to no damage. It was however, a good planning exercise and hopefully it caused us all to think about the next one, which is sure to come as we enter the heart of hurricane season. Be prepared!

COVID-19 UPDATE:  We are now in Phase III of the pandemic recovery phase, with some important modifications that apply to those of you who enjoy rafting your boats: as of August 7, 2020, the Governor has set the limit of 15 people for social gatherings BOTH INDOORS AND OUTDOORS, with a fine of up to $500 per person for violators. So please limit your rafting activity, have fewer than 15 people, and practice social distancing.

I ask for your cooperation and patience while dealing with these inconveniences.

UNUSED MOORINGS: We are well past the deadline for commissioning your moorings, yet some continue to be either non-commissioned, or unused. If for whatever reason, COVID or otherwise, you do NOT intend to commission or use your mooring this season, please apply for a Grace Period. If you are ready to give up the mooring, please let us know so we can work through the wait list. Timeliness is especially important this year due to the change in renewal schedule. Everyone should have received a notification from Kim regarding the upcoming renewal schedule changes for next season, which I will repeat again below:

IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING FUTURE RENEWAL SCHEDULE:   Starting in December 2020, the renewal schedule will follow the below timeline:

                DATE                                                     ACTION

                12/7/2020                                            All Renewals will be mailed (Wait list & Permits)

                1/7/2021                                              Reminder Notice

                1/21/2021                                            Final Notice

                1/31/2021                                            Payment Deadline

                2/1/2021                                              Certified letters – Permit forfeiture notice

                3/1/2021                                              Deadline to file an appeal of permit forfeiture

                3/2021                                                  Appeals heard at March meeting of H.C.

                3/15/2021                                            Begin issuing new permits


Another reminder that the office phone numbers for both Kim and myself have changed:

Harbor Clerk – Kim Devlin:  423-1213 x4339

Harbormaster – Mark Campbell:  423-4340

If you need to contact me on the water, I always monitor channel 16 VHF.  I can also be contacted through the dispatch officer at the Police Station; or by phone: Office 401-423-4340 and Cell 401-265-3990.

Smooth sailing - See you on the water!

Mark J. Campbell