Police Immersion Program

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The average person has always been interested in the role of the police within their community. We hope that this Immersion Program will give Jamestown residents the opportunity to learn about their police department. Our intention is NOT to train citizens to become police officers, but rather to allow citizens to learn and experience more about the department’s operations. You will learn the actual role of the police, and in return, the police will benefit from the wealth of knowledge that residents can provide about the community.

A wide variety of topics are included in the 2017 Immersion Program. Patrol and Arrest Procedures, Use of Force, Traffic Stops, Active Shooter, Use of the Firearm Training Simulator (FATS) and Firearms are just a few examples. There will also be numerous scenarios and role playing drills in this program. The Police Immersion Program will be physically demanding at times and will require participants to be physically active while participating in role playing drills and scenarios.

The Police Immersion Program will consist of 6 weeks of training. There will be one session held each Thursday with the exception of firearms and role playing scenarios. The handgun safety class will be held at the police station and the live firing of the Department issued weapons, will be held at a time and date to be announced. Participation in the actual firing is NOT mandatory. Classes will be from 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm and will run approximately 3 hours. All participants must attend all classes. To enroll in the Police Immersion Program you must be a resident of Jamestown, you must be a minimum of 16 years old and pass a criminal background check.

Please drop off completed applications and criminal record release waivers at the Police Station by April 1, 2017. Any questions please contact Sgt. Joel Pinocci at (401)-423-1212.

After attending the Jamestown Police Immersion Program (JPIP) we hope you will be better informed about your police department.

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