Registering for the Teen Center

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How to Register

Teen Center Handbook

Teen Center applicants must be in the 5th through 12th grades. If an applicant is home schooled, they must be in the equivalent grade.

All Teen Center applicants must fill out the Teen Center Code of Conduct and Liability Waiver Forms, which must be signed by a parent or legal guardian.

Once a student has completed the 5th grade, they can register at the Teen Center.


Registration forms are available at the Teen Center and Recreation Office, 41 Conanicus Ave.  Teens and their parent or legal guardian are required to provide the following information:

1. Current contact information, address, age and school.

2. Medical information, emergency contacts, and allergies.

3. Signed Liability Release forms.

4. Email addresses are strongly encouraged. Almost all Teen Center activity and event notices are distributed using email.

Parents should carefully review the Teen Handbook and the Code of Conduct with their teen before signing.  Upon submission of these forms, parents or guardians will receive a follow up phone call to ensure that the information provided is correct.